Second Friday of Advent


IS 48:17-19, Psalm 1, MT 11:16-19

Daily Advent Challenge 12-09We are past the halfway mark of Advent, and encouraged by today’s readings, let’s take a moment to assess our Advent stewardship journey and see if “wisdom has been vindicated” by your works. Wise choices now will make for a more joyous Christmas and that joy will continue into the New Year.

Have you…

  • Kept your spending for Christmas presents within your budget?
  • Found time for increased reflection and prayer?
  • Shared your gifts more with those around you?
  • Tried to be more mindful of the call of God each day?
  • Participated more fully in the liturgical life of the Church?
Daily Advent Challenge

Journeys are rarely as good when taken alone. If you are not in parish group using this booklet or are not currently sharing your Advent journey with someone, ask a spouse, family member, or friend about their Advent journey. Share with them some of your thoughts about the season. Just sharing a little about your spiritual journey is the first step in accountability, another characteristic of an Everyday Stewardship.