Memorial of St. Lucy, Virgin and Martyr


ZEP 3:1-2, 9-13; Psalm 34; MT 21:28-32

Daily Advent Challenge 12-12If you have ever seen Catholic School students dress up as their favorite saints for All Saints Day, St. Lucy is always a big hit. It is her frequent depiction holding her eyeballs on a plate that seems to make her a popular choice.

Tradition tells us that her eyes where removed with swords after repeated attempts to defile or kill her by the Roman Governor, Paschasius. Her bravery and resolve was no match for her persecutors, and even when she was to be buried, witnesses saw that her eyes had been miraculously restored. Because of this, she is the patron saint of the blind.

The commitment St. Lucy had to her faith was amazing. It was that commitment that allowed her to see the truth and not be swayed. We all suffer from bouts of blindness during our lives as stewards. But we need to stay committed to our decision to follow Jesus and live this life. Commitment is another key characteristic of an Everyday Steward. The example of St. Lucy and other saints help us to be strong when it seems life is hard. But almost more importantly, reflecting on their lives can help us truly see the ways God moves in our lives and the gifts he has given us to use for his glory.

Daily Advent Challenge

Reflect on how courageous you are in your faith. Could you stand up for Jesus in the face of hate? Would you be willing to lose everything for God? Try to identify a time when you took the easy road and were not courageous. What could help you be brave the next time around?