2017 Best Bulletin Contest

2017 Best Bulletin Contest

How do I enter?

To participate in the Best Church Bulletin Contest, follow these instructions to submit a PDF of your bulletin to us. Only one bulletin can be submitted per church, so be sure to select your BEST bulletin.

  1. Click here to submit your bulletin.
  2. Click the blue Choose files box located in the middle of the page and select your bulletin PDF.
  3. Enter your name and church email address and click Upload.

If no PDF copies of your bulletin are available, you may send a link to your online bulletin to lpiconnections@4lpi.com.

How will my bulletin be judged?

Every bulletin will be reviewed by our panel of judges based on the use of:

  • color
  • art
  • stewardship and formational content
  • overall readability

The goal of these judges is to select the ten best bulletins and then present them to Catholics around the country for voting.

How are the final winners decided?

Anyone and everyone will be able to vote for their favorite bulletin. If your parish is chosen, we encourage you to ask parishioners to vote for your bulletin and help you win the award for Best Church Bulletin. In addition, our judges will select the winners of one award.

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Best Overall Bulletin – $500 donation to your parish
  • Best Bulletin Cover – $150 donation to your parish
  • Best Bulletin Content – $150 donation to your parish
  • Best Overall Bulletin (Judge’s Choice) – $250 donation to your parish

We will be sending out contest updates regularly using email and social media. Click here to sign up for our email list or like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date.