Lent Reflection: 5th Friday of Lent

April 7, 2017
Lent Reflection: 5th Friday of Lent (April 7, 2017) - ‘Even if you do not to believe me, believe the works.’(John 10:38)


Again, Jesus is engaged in a heated argument and again just narrowly avoids being stoned for blasphemy. Rather than using clever words, he suggests his opponents look to his actions rather than words. We might call it “walking the walk.” In Jesus’ case, the lame are walking upright again, the sick are cured, the blind can see, and the outcasts welcomed. Who needs words when the evidence is there for all to see?


  • Today, I will try to do something that I know in my heart reflects my commitment as a good steward of the Lord. How will I “walk the walk” today?

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