Lent Reflection: Wednesday of Holy Week

April 12, 2017
Lent Reflection: Wednesday of Holy Week (April 12, 2017) - ‘Surely it is not I, Rabbi?’(Matthew 26:25)


Today used to be known as “Spy Wednesday” as we read the account of Judas cutting a deal with the chief priests to hand Jesus over to them. Commentators tell us that thirty pieces of silver was the compensation paid to a slave owner by the owner of an ox if his beast gored a slave to death (Ex 21:32). So here we have the treasurer of the group of disciples squandering the life of his master for a paltry reward. Does that make his action better or worse than if he had been rewarded handsomely? What price are we prepared to pay to gain benefit for ourselves at the expense of our values?


  • What am I prepared to compromise on for the greater good?
  • What am I prepared to defend at all costs?

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