First Tuesday of Advent

first tuesday of advent

Isaiah 11:1-10
Luke 10:21-24

Today’s reading from Isaiah 11 is so beautiful with its imagery of how from the lineage of Jesse one will come who will reshape our world and create peace in the face of chaos. The wolf will be guest of the lamb, the cow and the bear will be friends, and babies will lie without harm in the cobra’s den. These beautiful images have been used in poetry, song, and paintings for multiple generations. However, will you let your baby keep playing the next time you see a cobra near him or her? The images speak to the fact of our world being changed by the coming of Jesus Christ, but they are not literal.

That being said, we can wonder why the world isn’t more like what is talked about in Isaiah 11. Why can’t we see more evidence of love in the world? Now that’s where we can enter into this picture. We are the hands, feet, and voice of Jesus in the world. Each and every day we should be about being instruments that bring the world just a little closer to the vision of the prophet. We need not go out and tame literal cobras, but we can show those who would choose to inject venom into others by their words and actions that there is a better way. We can be instruments of peace. The reality that we can help God create around will be even more beautiful than that in Isaiah 11 because it won’t be hopeful imagery, it will be real and the truth.

First Tuesday of Advent Challenge:
Find a time today to be extra kind to someone you do not always get along with so well.