First Wednesday of Advent

Isaiah 25:6-10afirst wednesday of advent
Matthew 15:29-37

This Advent, we should be considering giving gifts to more than just our family and friends. I think we should give gifts to every single person we encounter for the next several weeks! There is no need to do the math, because if you were thinking in terms of gifts you buy, that would be a fortune. The gifts I am talking about do not have a monetary value. These gifts are inside of us. They come from our time, our mindfulness, our emotion, and our love. These gifts will cost us something even if they do not require cash. In some ways, these gifts will be even more difficult to give than ones that originate in a store.

When people speak to us, let’s truly listen. Let’s offer ourselves to others without being asked. Let’s resolve to share kind words at every turn. We can try to go the extra mile when someone is in need. In a nutshell, we can turn from inside ourselves and focus more on all those around us. We can easily be thinking that we do not have enough time, attention, and love to go around to everybody! But then we should remember that in bringing Jesus to others, we are not acting alone. Be rest assured, Jesus will multiply these things in us to the point where we will not even have enough for all the people this Advent we will have even more than we do now for the start of the upcoming new year!

First Wednesday of Advent Challenge:

Reach out to someone today that might be having a more difficult time than usual during Advent due to the loss of a loved one or personal issues. Just spend time listening to them and then tell them you’re thinking of them.