First Thursday of Advent

first thursday of advent

Isaiah 26:1-6
Matther 7:21, 24-27

I bet we all remember the story of The Three Little Pigs and the lessons learned for future homeownership. If you had thought about growing up and building your house with sticks or hay, you dodged a bullet there. Of course, what your house is built on may be just as important as what you use to build the walls. Build a house on a soft foundation and watch how long it takes show signs of settling. If and when something adverse happens to our houses hopefully we have insurance to help us start again. We might not make the best decisions in building or buying that first house, but oftentimes we get a second chance to move into that house that will really be the one for the rest of our lives.

Jesus reminds us that our lives are to be built upon the foundation of his word. It is in the teaching of Jesus Christ that we understand the true meaning of stewardship. It is also in this teaching in Matthew 7 that see that not following those teachings put our well-being in jeopardy. The stewardship lessons in the Gospels, especially in the parables of Jesus, are not simply advice on how to live. They instruct us on how to build our lives on sturdy ground. We are living an immature faith if we fail to give of ourselves freely and surrender our very selves to God. This Advent, it is time to take seriously the foundation we place our feet on each and every day. We would not want for someone or something to come along and blow our faith to the ground.

First Thursday of Advent Challenge:
Today spend 15 minutes reading something, online or in print, about an aspect of faith that you need to know more about.