Second Monday of Advent

second monday of advent

Isaiah 35:1-10
Luke 5:17-26

Living a stewardship way of life requires us to think more of others than ourselves. What we give to God never increases what God has or benefits him at all because God is perfect and without needs. However, when we give of ourselves to others in the name of Jesus, they certainly benefit and God is glorified.

When a few men cut a hole in a roof in order to lower a paralyzed man into a house to see Jesus, they were doing something extraordinary for another. Because of their actions, Jesus healed the man. Jesus then met their extraordinary actions with an extraordinary act. The paralyzed man could never have accomplished this on his own.

Do you need to cut a hole in a roof so someone else can see Jesus? Do you have the power to cut away some obstacle or make the path that much easier so another can truly encounter Christ? There is no better time than today to lead someone toward healing and a relationship with their God.

Second Monday of Advent Challenge:
Who can you help remove an obstacle that is keeping them from having a greater relationship with God? Does someone need a ride to church? Does someone need to be invited? Does someone just need encouragement? Decide who that person is and work to remove that obstacle this week.