Second Wednesday of Advent

second wednesday of adventReadings
Isaiah 40:25-31
Matthew 11:28-30

We are about halfway through Advent and it is a good time to pause to reflect on how it is going. Let’s use the 6 characteristics of Everyday Stewardship as lenses to help us see how it is going. Let’s take a look on the feast of St. Lucy. (If you don’t understand the allusions to sight in the previous sentences, time to Google St. Lucy!)

We are called to be mindful. Have you taken advantage of the moments that have presented themselves this Advent with an awareness that they will never come again?

We are called to be prayerful. Have you worked on bringing Jesus with you into the classroom, the workplace, and even into stores as you shop?

We are called to be grateful. Have you given thanks to God for the simplest gifts in your life?

We are called to be gracious. Have you tried to be a little more welcoming and hospitable to everyone you meet this Advent?

We are called to be committed. Have you taken advantage of offerings inside and/or outside of your parish that strengthen your faith?

We are called to be accountable. Have you been to confession or at least spent some time in community where you can face your shortcomings and address your challenges during this season?

Second Wednesday of Advent Challenge:
Reflecting on the questions above with sincerity is challenge enough for today!