Second Friday of Advent

second friday of advent

Isaiah 48:17-19
Matthew 11:16-19

When you are a parent of teenagers, you pray that they will have integrity in all aspects of their lives: school, friends, work, and family. It is easy to say you are something or believe in something and then turn around and act in a manner contrary to that testimony. I remember one of my sons asking me about a covenant he was going to sign for something school-related. He asked, “How seriously do you think they take this?” I responded, “What matters is, how serious will you take it?”

Disciples of Jesus living a stewardship way of life need to have integrity. To speak about the virtues of generosity and gratitude and not exemplify them may cause others to doubt there is any value in this way of life. Of course, integrity also means that we can testify to our failures as well. When we share our triumphs, the community is strengthened. When we share our failures, those around us are reminded that they are not alone. Even though we will fail at times, we should take seriously our claim of being a disciple and a good steward. This Advent, let’s work on truly becoming that which we claim to be.

Second Friday of Advent Challenge:
There are only 10 days before Christmas. In these final days of Advent, seek out a time to go to confession and be reconciled with God. The Sacrament of Penance exists so you and I can begin again when we fall and we can live with a greater integrity.