Third Monday of Advent

third monday of advent

Jeremiah 23:5-8
Matthew 1:18-25

I love watching my daughter on the stage. She loves to act and drama has become her thing in school. She gets anxious before she goes on stage, but I wouldn’t say she is scared. She knows that God has given her a gift and will assist her in using it. I don’t think I am being biased to say I think she is pretty talented, but it’s okay if I am. She is a gift of God to me and watching her use her gifts makes me so happy that my judgment could be a little off. However, just a little.

The point is that if she were too scared to go out on stage, I would never know about her talent. So many of us hold back gifts and talents out of fear: fear of ridicule, fear of standing alone, or fear of failure. During Advent, we hear the story of Joseph’s fear. What would people say? What about when Mary begins to show?

But he overcame his fear and accepted the great gift of his role in salvation history. Our gifts and talents may not play a role in saving anybody, but we will never know what difference they can make unless we use them. Fear is a natural emotion. However, the power of God is supernatural. Fear not and step out in faith and let the world see what good works God has done in you.

Third Monday of Advent Challenge:
Name one gift or talent you may have but is hidden because of fear or uncertainty. For the remaining days of Advent, ask God in prayer to help you use this gift more easily.