Third Tuesday of Advent

third tuesday of advent

Judges 13:2-7, 24-25A
Luke 1:5-25

Miracle on 34st Street, whether it is the original movie or one of the remakes, seems to be playing on television and on streaming services all over the place at this time of year. The question it addresses is one about the existence of Santa Claus. Looking at the title alone, one could ask a simple question without even seeing the movie: Do miracles really happen?

As a disciple of Jesus, one has to believe in miracles. However, we can sometimes relegate miracles to biblical times and act like miracles don’t happen much anymore. If we do our research, we will find accounts of miracles in every age and in all types of circumstances. Oftentimes, a miracle occurs after a person has prayed or acted in some way. The person serves as an instrument of God’s power and grace, making the seemingly impossible now possible.

Anytime God directly interacts with us, I think many would classify that as a miracle. That also means that miracles can be small: the turning of a heart, the lifting of a fear, or the healing of a broken heart. Is there someone you know in need of a small miracle? Are you being called to be an instrument of God? What an amazing gift you could give someone this Christmas. Your life is no movie, but be assured, God is ready to work miracles in our lives at any the time.

Third Tuesday of Advent Challenge:
Today, pray at least a decade of the rosary for someone in need a healing, hope, or a profound movement of God.