Third Thursday of Advent

third thursday of advent

Song of Songs 2:8-14
Luke 1:39-45

This time of year is filled with parties, dinners, and family gatherings for many of us. We spend so much time decorating, shopping, and cooking so can be wellsprings of hospitality and graciousness. However, some people in our midst experience none of these realities.

Some have no one to visit or know no one that will visit him or her. There are no parties to attend, no family to call on, and no money for shopping. They may or may not have a home. During these days leading up to Christmas, they are truly alone.

One of our first steps in stewardship living is to simplify our lives. We oftentimes have so much, we find it harder to see those who have so little. Our sight is actually obstructed by so much stuff. This Advent, as we welcome people into our homes and hearts, let’s find a moment or two to gather up some the excess we have and share it with those who have little this season. We can give of our food, clothing, money, time, and, most importantly, love. When you don’t have a lot, a little makes a big difference. When you have too much, it is oftentimes hard to see those who have little to nothing at all.

Third Thursday of Advent Challenge:
Go to you closet, garage, or pantry and find 10 items to donate before Christmas.