Make a Bulletin New Year’s Resolution

new year's resolution


Greeters at the door and public welcome from the pulpit will go a long way to making sure people feel welcome when they return to your parish. But what about when they walk out the parish doors? Most visitors will walk out with something in hand – your bulletin. You want them to open it, discover a new event, and get connected. In a media-driven world, including attractive visual elements in your bulletin can make a world of difference. Make a New Year’s resolution to add one new piece of art per week. We’re offering four tips to make your bulletin more eye-catching, more inspirational, and more organized.

If you’re a bulletin customer, you know about our Art and Media Portal, which features thousands of visual content pieces to enhance your communications.


new year's resolutionTip 1: Promote Events
Are you offering a winter women’s retreat? Looking ahead to the Lenten fish fry? Images for these and more are available. Just type the word or phrase you’re looking for in the search bar. A parishioner may hear announcements each Sunday, but you only have one chance to capture a visitor’s interest. Including an image for your event can attract someone to learn more.


new year's resolutionTip 2: Highlight Saints and Holy Days
The bulletin is a great way to draw attention to the broader Church calendar. Feature your parish patron or draw attention to an upcoming feast day! Search the name of your favorite saint to find quotes and images.



new year's resolutionTip 3: Draw Eyes to Special Sections

If your bulletin consistently features information for certain ministries, rather than simply typing the words and making them bold, add an art clip. Show visitors and parishioners alike that your parish is vibrant with a lot going on! Search AMP for “Youth Ministry,” “Music Ministry,” “Men’s Ministry,” etc. to find newly-designed clips for your parish.


new year's resolutionTip 4: Inspire Your Parishioners

Many bulletins include Gospel reflections or spiritual meditations, but sometimes these can get lost in the pages of text. This can be especially overwhelming for a visitor. A designed art piece featuring an inspirational quote is an easy way to uplift any bulletin reader. Select the “Clip Art” media category, type “quote” into the search bar, and see what you can find!


Your bulletin New Year’s resolution doesn’t need to be complicated. You can find easy, innovative new ways bring fresh life to your bulletin. If you’re not an LPi bulletin customer, you can sign up for a FREE, no-risk 30-day trial for our Art & Media Portal here, just in time for the new year!