Lenten Reflections: Week of Ash Wednesday

Lenten Reflections Ash Wednesday

Everything in our lives is a gift from God! This Lenten season, grow in gratitude for what matters most. Join us for Everyday Stewardship Lenten Reflections with Tracy Earl Welliver. Discover inspiration and challenge for your stewardship way of life.

“Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.” We begin each Lent with the reminder that all things are fleeting, except for God. We have been created to love and serve Him, and that grace-filled love flowing between humans and the Divine will carry us into eternal life. However, there are many obstacles in this world that seek to divert our attention from our destiny. Lent is the time to turn back toward heaven and reflect on his death and resurrection that has set us free

What is there in this world that prevents me from fully embracing God?

Too many people work tirelessly to accumulate an endless range of stuff. We often fall into a trap believing material possessions will make our life seem more fulfilled. We attribute great value to things that actually have little value at all. The fact is that a relationship with Jesus is more fulfilling and has greater value than all the possessions in the world. So why is it harder to choose Jesus than that bright shiny new thing in the store window?

Am I too connected to material things and not connected enough to what really matters?

Can you do without the material things of this world? Some things we need while some things we want. Fasting does not always have to be just about food. Fasting from food, electronics, social media, spending money, and the radio are all ways to remind ourselves that we need only be dependent on God. Also, it allows us to decrease while God increases in our life. If you don’t have much experience with fasting, this Lenten season is a great time to try something different.

What do I rely on a little too much in this world?

During this Lenten season, we are reminded that we are all sinners and in need of the Savior. Too often we fall into traps where we believe that we need to be closer to perfect in order to seek out God’s assistance. However, it is when we are furthest from God that we need His help the most. During a season when we talk about returning to the Lord, we need to realize that even if we are truly broken, God can turn those cracks in our being into a beautiful design. We can’t allow anyone or anything to keep us from our healing God.

Where in my life have I been most broken and in need of God’s healing grace?

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