Lenten Reflections: Fifth Week of Lent

lent reflections

Everything in our lives is a gift from God! This Lenten season, grow in gratitude for what matters most. Join us for Everyday Stewardship Lenten Reflections with Tracy Earl Welliver. Discover inspiration and challenge for your stewardship way of life.

Such great power exists in reflecting on the Passion of Jesus Christ and realizing that he experienced real pain, real despair, and true human emotions. Our God has such profound love for us that He would seek to walk among us and take part in the full human experience. Our God knows our pain. Our God is not one who rests in a faraway place unconnected to His creation. He is the one born in a manger and then crucified by those He would seek to save. He is then and now Emmanuel: God with us!

When I face trials in this life, am I truly aware of a God who loves me and understands what I am going through?

It is interesting that the Solemnity of St. Joseph falls during the Lenten season. We too often only reflect on his role during Advent and Christmas. Mary is at the crucifixion, but we assume Joseph has passed away by this time. Yet, it is his faithfulness to God, like that of Our Lady, which makes the crucifixion and resurrection possible. He is a model for us as we seek to do God’s will in all things. We never know for certain what effect our positive response to the call of God will have on the world around us.

Am I following God’s will or my will more in my life?

Jesus was not of this world but he entered into it and redeemed it by his cross and resurrection. We who are of this world now have a home prepared for us if we choose to follow Jesus and become his disciple. It is not always easy to see the promise of heaven when the weight of the world bears down on us. If we place our trust in Jesus and his promises, then not only will we be able to bear the trials of this life, we will one day find ourselves in paradise with the one who made our journey there possible.

What does the promise of heaven mean to me as I live in this world?

Each year, we reflect on the mysteries of Lent and celebrate the glory of Easter. For over 2,000 years, all those who have gone before us have reflected on the same mysteries and taken part in many of the same devotions and practices. We stand now with a communion of saints in our Lenten observance and will stand with them at the Easter Vigil as a new generation of baptized joins us. Together we are Church. Together we are the Body of Christ.

What does being a part of the Body of Christ mean to me?

With Sunday being Palm/Passion Sunday, we are just days away from Holy Week. Students either work steadily over a period of time, or they cram a ton of work into the last few days before a due date. As we get older, many of us don’t change much in how we approach life. Maybe you have been faithful in your daily Lenten observances. If not, there is much that can be done in the following days. Put in the work now so that Easter comes with greater meaning and to a more fertile heart in which God may plant His Word.

► What will I do these remaining days of Lent to really make a difference?

By now, you are probably keyed into the Fridays of Lent and abstaining from meat. The more mindful we live our lives, the easier it is to remember to stay away from that hamburger at lunch. We can use the practice of abstinence during Lent to strengthen our ability to live more mindfully. We want to live in the present, without the baggage of the past and without fear of the future. The call of Jesus Christ comes to us daily, and we can find ways to live in tune with God so as not to miss His calling.

How mindfully do I live each day, aware that God can call on me at any time?

Before the events of that first Holy Week, Jesus retreated from the public to spend those final hours with his disciples. All of us need to retreat to community at times before big decisions and events on our lives. Consider sharing the many liturgies of this coming week with your family — your church family. Together we celebrate the light that overcame all darkness and the resurrection that conquered death. Lean on one another. As Easter arrives, may we stand boldly and proclaim this Good News to the world.

Do I take the time to retreat and allow the love and support of others to sustain me?

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