Hospitality is Communications at Your Catholic Church

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My wife and I have an area of the church where we like to sit with the boys. It is close to the choir we have a beautiful choir and it’s near our entrance. We are not the people who have our “pew,” but we do have our section. Sound familiar?

My pastor’s homilies for the past few months have been on the theme of welcoming. The one homily that really stuck with me related to what he called “pew hospitality.” He said to move into the middle of the pew when you get to church. When others arrived at Mass, they don’t need to ask you to move over or climb over other people. He made me feel bad since I was the one at the end of the pew! I leaned over to the woman next to me and told her that. Since that Sunday, I have always moved the middle of the pew.


Who Owns Your Domain?

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church website

“A well-intended volunteer stepped forward to set up our church website. At first, they were totally responsive and information was updated the same day within hours. After a few months, the updates would happen less frequently. I would send them emails with what to place on the site and it would be posted within weeks. Then emails and calls to the volunteer would not lead to any updates at all. Our church website is now static and is still advertising last summer’s festival. It’s been a year and we have no way to update it.”  

Or worse yet, you want to visit the homepage and it’s not the church website anymore.


Google Your Church

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google church Those are simple instructions, right? Yes, go to Google and find out what information is on the internet about your parish. My hope is that you find your church website as #1 on the list of results, which means you’re doing some things right online.


5 Ways to Create a More Welcoming Parish

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My wife and I have an area of our church where we like to sit with our two boys. We are not the people who have our “pew” but do have our section. Sound familiar?

For the past few months, our pastor’s homilies have centered on the theme of welcoming. One that stuck with me was called “pew hospitality” and the idea that parishioners should move to the center of their pews so others didn’t have to climb over them to get to their seats.

Since that Sunday, I have always moved the middle of the pew. It’s a simple idea, but can have a real impact on how visitors view your church.

 Create a More Welcoming Parish






NumberOneLeave the first few rows of parking open for guests

Ask parishioners to arrive a little early and park further away.

If someone hasn’t attended church for a while, they are more likely to leave if they can’t find somewhere to park.


NumberTwoRemove the doorstops
Ask a few parishioners on your hospitality committee to welcome your guests and hold the door for them when they enter the church. This creates a more personal, inviting experience for everyone.

For more tips on building a vibrant church greeter ministry, click here.


NumberThreeAsk families to be greeters

A parent and child can be a terrific greeting team, keeping it fun and lighthearted, while serving in a ministry together.



NumberFourInclude a note about welcoming children and babies into Mass
Let visitors and parishioners know that their babies and children are welcome at Mass. Last weekend, there were two babies in our pew and it brought smiles to people’s faces as they made sounds during Mass.



NumberFiveAsk people for feedback

Once you’ve taken some initial steps to become a more welcoming parish, ask some members of your family or friends who don’t attend your church to visit and give you their honest feedback. Take it to heart and make improvements when necessary.


Making Second Collections Easier

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Sometimes it’s the Diocese. Sometimes it’s a mission parish that you support in another country. Sometimes it’s a local ministry.

Whatever the cause happens to be, Catholic churches have a variety of second collections where the basket comes around again. And your parishioners often need to write two checks and bring two envelopes that week.

Not the easiest way to handle second collections.

Image 2When LPi created our online giving tool WeShare, we made a commitment to our parish customers to build the easiest, most robust, and best online giving program available for the Catholic Church.