Encountering Everyday Miracles

Posted on February 11, 2018 by - Everyday Stewardship

true presence

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time

If you witnessed a miracle, wouldn’t you want to tell everyone? If you saw the sun dance in the sky, a crippled man walk, or the Virgin Mary appear in front of you, wouldn’t you just want to shout about it from a rooftop so all could hear? (more…)

Ordinary Gifts

Posted on February 4, 2018 by - Everyday Stewardship


An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sometimes we can feel like we are living the life of Job: everything is going wrong all at the same time. Everyone finds himself or herself in a valley once in awhile. How we got there is not nearly as important as how are we going to get out.

Everyday stewards are called to be grateful for all things, large and small. (more…)

Impacting Others in Christ

Posted on January 28, 2018 by - Everyday Stewardship

good stewards

An Everyday Stewardship Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

When I reflect on the many years of my life, there are many people who were influential on my development as a person, a student, and a Christian. Through their graciousness and generosity, I was able to work through challenges and difficulties, becoming stronger in the end. They pushed me to become better than I was at the time and helped me to see what I could eventually become. Without them giving of themselves to me I am unsure where I would be today. (more…)