Everyday Stewardship

Posted on May 17, 2015 by - Everyday Stewardship

When I was around the age of six, my good friend Max moved away. I had known him for fewer than two years, but I was so fond of him that his moving away really hurt. I was living in Northern Virginia and he was moving to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh might as well have been in another country. I knew it was far and that was the end of this relationship. I woke up in the middle of the night after he had left that day, crying and yelling. My mother’s arms tried to comfort me as well as they could. But this was real pain, even for a six-year-old. It was love.

The First Letter of St. John states, “Yet, if we love one another, God remains in us, and his love is brought to perfection in us. This is how we know that we remain in him and he in us.” I do not want to make too bold a statement or reduce John’s words to simple sentiment, but I think the love I felt that night when I was six was pretty close to the perfected love mentioned in the passage. A child, so innocent and still untouched by the cynicism and apathy of an adult world, experienced something so deep and hard to understand that I am certain my mother classified it as immature emotions that would quickly fade away. As adults, we think that all the time. Yet forty years later, I still vividly remember it. I cannot remember Max’s last name or visualize his face, but I can still recall the feelings and emotions of that event.

What if we tried harder to take John’s words to heart and love more people as a child loves a true friend? John tells us that in that love God is present. That night when I was six I may have lost a friend, but I think I found God.

Surprised By God

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Pope FrancisSince 2013, Pope Francis has captivated the world with his remarkable display of discipleship.  And just when we think we’ve got him figured out, he surprises us again!  “Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God,” were his words to the students at Santo Tomàs University in Manila, Philippines during his January pastoral visit – words he clearly lives by.

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Family Time

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CampusPeople say your kids are grown up and out of the house before you know it.  Some say it’s like the blink of an eye.  In some ways that is true, although any parent can agree that some years seem longer than others!  (Some of those teen years can seem really long!)

But the point is there is a limited window of opportunity to help God mold and shape your children into the adults they will become.

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Unleashing Catholic Generosity

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Prince of Peace Cover RedesignThis is the first of 3 documents from The Notre Dame Institute for Church Life that provide important information for shaping the message of what we are offering in a Sustainable Offertory Campaign.  A quote from the first document:

“Our results suggest that the American Catholic giving gap is, in part, a direct result of congregational culture: Catholic parishes are less likely to nurture participatory cultures compared to other Christian congregations. Parishioners are also more likely to focus on giving as “paying the bills” rather than “living the vision” when thinking of money. Because many Catholics are more concerned with “paying the bills,” they lack spiritual engagement with money—the belief that proper stewardship of money is a deeply spiritual matter— which further reduces Catholic financial giving.”

We will be providing parishes with proper stewardship of money formation and working to change their parishioners’ vision of engagement.

Everyday Stewardship: Fifth Sunday of Easter 2015

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EucharistIn The Life of a Christian Steward: A Reflection on the Logic of Commitment, published by the International Catholic Stewardship Council, one reads, “To be most effective in service to God and humankind, Christian stewardship must stem from the liturgical worship in the Church. Here one finds the supernatural motive, the word of faith, and the grace necessary to get the job done.”

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SuperheroThe next Avengers movie is almost here and superheroes in film and on TV seem to be taking over.  As a person who sometimes still feels like a little kid at heart, I personally love it.

I was thinking there are people I encounter everyday that fit this description.  These people bear much resemblance to superheroes. Each new day brings new challenges and new villains to battle.

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