2018 Best Church Bulletin Contest

2018 Best Church Bulletin Contest

2017 Best Bulletin Contest

Best Bulletin Contest—Submit and Win!

LPi is excited to announce that we are sponsoring our second annual Best Church Bulletin Contest! Show off the amazing work you do every single week for the chance to win money and prizes for your parish.

How do I enter?

To participate in the Best Church Bulletin Contest, entrants must submit a PDF of their bulletin using the instructions located here by Friday, June 15th, 2018. If a PDF copy is not available, entrants may also send a link to their bulletin online.

Only one bulletin can be submitted per church, so be sure to select your BEST bulletin.

How will my bulletin be judged?

There will be two main categories for bulletin submissions and three sub-categories in each. A winner will be selected for each of the sub-categories:

1. Most Engaging Cover (Main Category)

  • Captivating Message
  • Logo & Branding
  • Creative Design

Most Engaging Layout (Main Category)

  • Calendar/Events
  • Content Organization
  • Community Representation

In addition to the six sub-category winners, one Best Overall Bulletin will be chosen. This bulletin should encompass some aspect of each of the main voting categories.

How are the final winners decided?

All of the winners will be chosen by the public. Voting will open shortly after all submissions have been collected. Anyone and everyone can vote for their favorite bulletin in each category and for the one bulletin they think is the best overall.

If your church submits a bulletin for judging, be sure to tell your parishioners so they can vote too!

What are the prizes?

Awards will be given in the following categories:

  • Best Overall Bulletin – $500 donation to your parish
  • Cover: Most Captivating Message – $150 donation to your parish
  • Cover: Best Use of Logo and Branding – $150 donation to your parish
  • Cover: Most Creative Design – $150 donation to your parish
  • Layout: Best Use of Calendar/Events – $150 donation to your parish
  • Layout: Best Use of Content Organization – $150 donation to your parish
  • Layout: Best Community Representation – $150 donation to your parish

Stay tuned for additional information, links to vote, and more!