Bulletin Contest Submissions

Bulletin Contest Submissions

To participate in the Best Church Bulletin Contest, follow these instructions to submit a PDF of your bulletin to us. Reminder: only ONE bulletin may be submitted per church. However, each church will have two opportunities to enter, once for one of the six categories, and once more if they feel their bulletin also qualifies as a BEST OVERALL BULLETIN contender. Should a group choose to submit to both a sub category and the Best Overall category, the same bulletin MUST be used for each.

Go to our FileShare website
Login with:
Username: lpiuser
Password: LPi0102#
(case sensitive)

  • Scroll down and click on the folder that says “2018 Best Bulletin Contest.”

You will see seven folders, one for each of the subcategories and one for the “Best Overall Bulletin” category. Click on the folder of the subcategory you would like to submit to.

  • Click on the “Upload a File” icon.
    Best Bulletin Contest - Upload a FileNOTE: This icon is located in the menu bar ABOVE the folder name, not below it.
  • Upload the PDF file of your bulletin cover by clicking “Choose File” and selecting it from your device/desktop.
  • Enter your Church/Parish name as the title.
  • Give us a description of why you chose this bulletin/category.
  • Click “Accept”.