Posted on April 27, 2015 by - Everyday Stewardship

SuperheroThe next Avengers movie is almost here and superheroes in film and on TV seem to be taking over.  As a person who sometimes still feels like a little kid at heart, I personally love it.

I was thinking there are people I encounter everyday that fit this description.  These people bear much resemblance to superheroes. Each new day brings new challenges and new villains to battle.

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What Happens Next?

Posted on April 20, 2015 by - Everyday Stewardship

Fork in the RoadWhen you place everything in God’s hands, you don’t always wonder what happens next.  What happens next is part of the miraculous journey of life. If it is a blessing, to God give the thanks.  If it is a challenge, accept it head-on and with the fortitude God gives you.  If it is a burden, let God help you carry it.

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Everyday Stewardship

Posted on April 19, 2015 by - Everyday Stewardship

Have you ever participated in or witnessed activities that were supposed to instruct you on the topic of trust? Some of these activities feature people falling backward with their eyes closed, sometimes even falling off a chair or table. One variation is when the voice of the person asking for trust trails off into the distance. Secretly other people have crept in and are ready to catch the subject when they fall backwards, but they are being asked to trust the voice that they know is no longer near them. It is often not easy for the person who is being asked to trust, especially if they have never done this before.

Trusting in God is not always easy either. Sometimes we are scared to give up our freedom. Other times we are consumed by doubt. After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared a few times to his disciples. One time when he appeared right after some of them had encountered him on the road to Emmaus, he asked them, “Why are you troubled? And why do questions arise in your hearts?” Even with him in front of their eyes they had a hard time trusting. They were being asked to trust and believe, but just like those in the trust activities mentioned above, that was easier said than done.

What is keeping you from trusting in God? To live a stewardship way of life, trust in God is necessary. There are times when we will begin to question if we can persevere or if this way of living is even valid and worthwhile. That is only human. But through the church, sacred Scripture, and the sacraments, our hearts and minds will be opened to the real crucified and risen Lord. And then, if he asks, we will be able to trust and fall back into his loving arms.

Everyday Stewardship

Posted on March 29, 2015 by - Everyday Stewardship

Christian stewardship began this night in the upper room. Ordinary humans witnessed the Son of God humble himself to a point they could not have imagined, all with the purpose of serving them. That night the ordinary became extraordinary. Jesus demonstrated for them true love and how to share that love with those outside that room. But how could they win hearts for Jesus when they saw themselves as so much less than their teacher? The answer is that he would then feed them with his very self. They would not see him much longer, for the events that began with that evening would lead to his torture, death, resurrection, and ascension to the Father. But in his body and blood they would be nourished for the task at hand: to witness to the whole world the good news of Jesus Christ.

In one night, Jesus gave us a true example of stewardship and the path to follow. By his example he showed us how to empty ourselves to the point of becoming the servant of all. The path is the holy Eucharist, through which all is possible. When we partake in his banquet, we become Christ to a world in need of Christ. It would be a truly daunting task if he hadn’t shown us how to BE Christ. A simple act of washing feet taught us more than any sermon or sacred writing.

As good stewards we believe all we have is a gift from God. That night, before the institution of the Eucharist, Jesus commanded us to wash one another’s feet. In essence, he gave us to one another. If we claim to belong to him, then we by definition belong to one another. May the Christ in each of us propel us to our knees so that we may never stop washing one another’s feet.