Bright Ideas

Seasonal Church Art

Bright Ideas

Bright Ideas is a publication for inspiration and design ideas for all your parish communication. As an annual subscription and published quarterly, each issue features:

  • Editor to Editor: Design tips, tricks, and techniques with step-by-step guidelines for use in your own publication, written by an experienced bulletin editor.
  • Art Collection: A comprehensive seasonal collection of new graphics and versatile borders. Seasonal Reflections: Short seasonal text articles sure to inspire you and your readers. Includes prayers and reflections perfect for the holidays that fall within the season.
  • The Lighter Side: Jokes, riddles, and short humorous stories to help you bring a smile to your church community.
  • Showcase Makeover: An actual “Before and After” bulletin makeover designed by one of LPi’s graphic artists with practical reasons describing how the new design communicates better.
Bright Ideas: Seasonal Parish Art

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