WeShare Testimonials

Online giving through LPi’s WeShare is simple to use for our parishioners as well as those managing their events. It has saved time and paperwork for staff members while increasing organization within each department.

Prince of Peace

Previously, we were using an EFT program thru a local bank. We loved the fact that WeShare provided significantly more features, how easy it is for parishioners to make any changes within their online giving personal account and the WeShare team.

We used all the different types of awareness tools that WeShare provides prior to kicking off the system and we still continue to promote the site with daily postings on our website, weekly announcements through our bulletin and placing posters through the parish.

Our next plan of action is to work with our school to use WeShare to process tuition, collect dues, sell, and of course donate.

St. John Nepomuk

Prior to WeShare St. Matthias was using an EFT program that was “clumsy and hard to use”.  WeShare is very easy to use and has many functions. Online giving donors can now use credit cards to make donations. Last winter when we had to close the church many times because of the severe winter weather we realized the importance of online giving.  We use the site for everything from festival sponsorships, dinners, child care fees, and sacramental prep fees.

Director of Administration

It’s easy, easy, easy to import transfer reports into my PDS now that we use WeShare for our online giving solution. It’s going very very well. I usually will go in and do imports once a week, but if I forget to import it’s very easy to catch up. We already have 35 online giving donors now and it’s still just as quick and easy to put all the information into PDS!

Basilica of St. Peter and Paul / Chattanooga, TN

Importing into PDS is very simple with WeShare’s online giving system. You just have to make a few clicks and then it’s done.

St. John Paul II / Lake View, NY

We have more than doubled (nearly tripled) our online donations/payments in just under two months since our implementation of WeShare. It has been very well received by our parish community.

Thanks so much for all of your help and support!

Communications Coordinator

Thank you for your kind help yesterday in running the report with the details of the Sunday Flower Donations.   I wanted to let you know that we are very happy with WeShare at Immaculate Conception Church in Omaha.  We had been looking for a credit card and ACH giving option for a few years, but we were always put off by the fees and the hidden strings attached.  I have to admit that I was cautiously skeptical at the LPi presentation but in the two years we have been “online” with you, everything positive that you said would happen has.  I especially saw this two Sundays ago when over half of our congregation was unable to get to Mass because of the weather.  The plate collection was way down that day but the online donations were normal.  Since I was already very comfortable working with LPi on the bulletin, I felt like you would be the best out of the options, and I can see that I definitely made the right choice.  Thank you for your help getting us set up and keeping us growing online.

Immaculate Conception Church

The WeShare online giving seems to be going very well. We have started our capital campaign redemption period here in July, so it has been very nice for parishioners to be able to get their pledge payments started very easily on their own.

Parish Business Administrator

I wanted to let you know that things are going really well! Our online registration has been a hit and the Religious Education department hasn’t even done their kick-off yet. We have had no issues or complaints and the families seem really happy that we can offer this!

Parish Bookkeeper

We are on pace to realize $100,000 in total donations through WeShare in 2014. This is a good milestone. We have seen an increase in giving of 24% from those households giving to our Operating Fund through WeShare. This is significant.

Milwuakee, WI

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