Presentation Topics

LPi presents at a variety of stewardship, diocesan, and technology seminars, conferences, and workshops throughout the year. Review our list of presentation topics and contact us.

Building A Vibrant Parish

Learn how to serve your community online, build a powerful parishioner network, and communicate with your parishioners through easy-to-use technology and church communication best practices. This seminar is designed to equip you to engage more parishioners to transform your church into a vibrant, faith-filled community.

How Ordinary People Can Create Extraordinary Parishes

With God’s grace and the gifts given to each of us, we can have tremendous impact on our parishes. The secret of a good stewardship or fully engaged parish lies in ordinary people making an extraordinary impact. The process by which this happens is not always easy, but the blueprint is not hard to understand. This seminar seeks to lie out that blueprint, first for individual transformation, and second for parish community transformation.

Stewardship & the New Evangelization

This workshop leads participants through the principles of stewardship and how they have become ever more profound in the light of the New Evangelization. As Saint John Paul II proclaimed, “No believer in Christ, no institution of the Church can avoid this supreme duty: to proclaim Christ to all peoples!” Learn how to meet this supreme duty with passion, God-given talents, and maturity. The workshop includes an exploration of various means of parish communication and evangelization, and how everyday stewards can make this call of Saint John Paul II a reality in their lives.

Everyday Stewardship

Using the US Bishops’ pastoral letter on stewardship, sacred scripture, and everyday life experiences, this seminar presents a stewardship theology and philosophy that can transform lives and create deeper relationships with Jesus Christ.

The Pastor’s Voice

This two-hour interactive workshop focuses on effectively communicating the pastor’s vision for his parish across ministry leaders and across technology platforms. Incorporating a worksheet that makes the process easy to remember and recall, participants are guided through a theoretical discussion on a parish looking to increase their offertory. The instructors highlight how to use the pastor’s message to construct pulpit announcements, lay leader discussions, email subject lines, and social media posts. From there, more detailed parishioner-directed communications are considered for posting on parish websites and for print publications.

Primary Principles of Parish Pastoral Planning

Without a plan, a parish does not know where it is going. This seminar provides sound principles for creating a sound long range plan, by understanding where a parish has come from, where it is now, and where it wants to go in the future.

Becoming the YOU God Really Created!

Using strengths theory and sound biblical principles, this seminar is designed to help people become the talented person God created. This seminar is great for increasing parish engagement and helping people live more fruitful lives.

Parish Day of Reflection

This experience can be for a particular grouping of parishioners, or may be open to the entire parish. The experience includes prayer, music, and formation in stewardship spirituality. A theme can be developed with your Coach to suit the needs of the parish.

Strengths & Talents Retreats

These offerings are usually a day in length and can either introduce your parishioners to how understanding how God created them as unique and talented people can change their lives, to a more advanced offering where participants are led into the spirituality of giftedness.

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