Seek And Find

Business owners, support your local church or community.

Seek And FindThousands of people are using Seek And Find daily—your source for church bulletins, community newsletters, and the advertisers that support them. By advertising with us, you're gaining great exposure all while supporting the church or community of your choice.

We can provide you with custom Internet ad design services to produce your online ad, and then display that ad on category pages, on your congregation's weekly bulletin reminder emails, as well as on your congregation's listing page. We can link the ad to your website or to your Seek And Find listing page.

If you support a local church or organization by advertising in its bulletin or newsletter, we automatically upload the publication with your ad, so potential customers can easily and conveniently access it online. This service affords you great visibility and reach within your community. Included in the cost of advertising is a customizable listing page with your business details, contact information, and even videos—giving you the opportunity to reach a greater audience and send a specific message to your community.

Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in creating a custom advertising plan to fit any budget. Visit Seek And Find to see which communities in your neighborhood are already there—and then contact us to get your business started.