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At LPi we're big on making your job of editor easier by investing in advanced technologies to help simplify the process of creating your bulletin or newsletter. LPi Express is a software program we utilize for you to compose, and then submit, your publication to us for printing. It's simple, easy, and best of all it comes at no additional cost to you. It is free for our LPi customers. We take pride in quick turnaround and on-time delivery. LPi Express helps us to attain both of these goals.

Ready to start saving time with LPi Express? Click here to download the necessary software to make it happen, or watch the video below to learn more.


Hear from our customers

The Art & Media Portal and the LPi monthly newsletter are just a couple of the wonderful tools that help me create a bulletin that everyone wants to read. I use them for every bulletin and am impressed with LPi's ongoing enhancements of their products and services.

—Tracy, Parish Office Secretary/Bulletin Editor