Parish Engagement

Together we grow, together we celebrate, together WeGather

What if data could be about more than member management, but mission engagement? Built on, the world’s #1 data management system, WeGather offers a powerful online community to help you engage with people in real time.

WeGather empowers staff and parishioners alike to be proactive in engaging their community.


  • Dynamic Website

    Welcome visitors with a state-of-the art web presence.

  • Interactive Community

    Gather parishioners in an online social network with member profiles, family relationships, and ministry groups.

  • Online Giving

    Harness the power of Salesforce to manage your giving opportunities and analyze the results.

  • Cloud Back-Up

    With auto-updates to the cloud and guaranteed by Salesforce, never fear a data loss.

  • Multiple Permission Levels

    Offer people the functionality they need while protecting sensitive information.

  • Connected Back-End

    Every donation, community action, or mobile update syncs instantly.

  • Sacramental Life

    House your records, schedule religious education, and provide formative content to your parishioners.

  • Manage Facilities

    Schedule rooms and track your calendar for all parish events.

  • Parish Life

    Easily manage volunteers, events, and ministries to connect and grow together as a parish.


Vibrant Parish Toolkit

Your parish ministry is about more than simply managing data. It’s about caring for the people in your midst. It’s about connecting them with your community and helping them connect with each other so they can grow in their faith. Discover tips, tools, and real ministry stories to inspire your parish life.