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As the baptized, we are called to grow in our faith to a point where we respond to the call of Jesus Christ regardless of the cost. This leads us to an everyday way of living, not just a series of activities or good deeds. Stewardship is about more than just the 3 Ts of time, talent, and treasure. It is about the one big E, Everything.

Yes, stewardship pertains to everything, and I am responsible for my part of that everything.
– Catherine Doherty, Living the Gospel Without Compromise

4 Ways to Grow Parish Engagement

Just as we believe that an individual conversion is a continual process, so is the conversion of the faith community. We are constantly letting God in more and more so that he can mold us and, with his guidance, we are always charting an ever-changing course. The journey does not end!

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“Yes, stewardship pertains to everything, and I am responsible for my part of that everything.”

Catherine Doherty December 16, 2016

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Stewardship Coaching

The goal of LPi Coaching is always to walk with our partner parishes until they can chart the course with God’s help alone. But even then, LPi offers the Sower Model to enrich your parish community and increase engagement.

  • Long-Range Planning & Visioning Process

    Build a 3–5 year pastoral plan focused on increased engagement and supporting the stewardship way of life. An LPi coach will walk you through defining your vision and making a plan. Then your coach will help put that plan into practice. …read more

    Long-Range Planning & Visioning Process

    An LPi Coach will partner with you through a planning and visioning process that will lead to a 3–5 year pastoral plan focused on increased engagement and supporting the stewardship way of life. The process includes:

    • Development of theme, graphics, and parish mailings
    • Formulation and execution of timeline (3–5 months)
    • Execution and completion of parish engagement assessment
    • Coaching of listening session facilitators
    • Facilitation of parish town hall meeting
    • Facilitation of data gathering and visioning day retreat
    • Goals set that speak to your parish personality or diocesan guidelines

    *$5,000min – $8,000max

  • Stewardship Renewal Coaching

    Partner with an LPi Coach to walk you through, step-by-step, the process of building and running an effective stewardship campaign to increase engagement in your parish community. The process from start to finish takes approximately 5–7 weeks. …read more

    Stewardship Campaign Coaching

    An LPi Coach will partner with you through all the steps of an effective stewardship campaign designed to increase engagement in your parish community. The process includes:

    • Development of theme, graphics, and parish mailings
    • Formulation and execution of timeline (5–7 weeks)
    • Lay witness coaching
    • Planning of Ministry Event/Fair
    • Coaching of parish Stewardship Committee for campaign and follow-up
    • Option to print all campaign items at a discount with LPi or at your own local printer

    *$5,000min – $14,000max

  • Stewardship Catechesis Day

    Host a one-day event to help your parish build stewardship formation, recognize gifts and talents, and understand and implement the Bishop’s pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response. The day includes three separate presentations. …read more

    Stewardship Catechesis Day

    This day event usually runs from 9 am to 3:30 pm and features three presentations. The program begins with stewardship spirituality formation, followed by a session on gifts and talents, focusing on how to uncover and understand these in our lives and how they are given to us to build up the body of Christ. After a lunch break, we focus on the primary convictions of the US bishops’ pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple’s Response, and discuss the state of your parish community through the lens of the letter. This offering is led by Tracy Earl Welliver, Director of Parish Community and Engagement and author of Everyday Stewardship.


Stewardship Training

Talks & Workshops. Invite Tracy Earl Welliver to speak at your parish or diocese. You can choose topics in engagement, strengths and talents, communication, and Everyday Stewardship.

Everyday Stewardship Parish Missions. Inspire your parishioners with Tracy Earl Welliver speaking at all weekend Masses and leading five additional talks over 2–3 days.

Strengths Coaching. Uncover your God-given talents and work to cultivate them into strengths for God’s glory with a Gallup-trained coach during a day or weekend retreat, or individual parish leaders coaching.
* LPi does not sell the StrengthsFinder© assessment and is not affiliated with Gallup.

Stewardship Training for Parish Catechists. Book an evening workshop or day retreat to enrich your catechists’ understanding of stewardship principles and spirituality, so they can pass that on to others.

Parish Staff Coaching. Use the StrengthsFinder© assessment and solid pastoral ministry principles to help your staff and leadership team learn to work together for the greater good of the parish community.

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Just had to take this opportunity to tell you Thank You!

I ordered several copies of Everyday Stewardship last year. It is a refreshing and beautiful way to witness the many opportunities to put Discipleship in Action! We are using this book to help form our community in the Spirituality of Stewardship including our professional staff, Stewardship Council, and I just gave 48 copies to our individual Ministry Leads this past summer while meeting one-on-one with them during a Year-End Recap meeting with our Pastor. We asked them to be creative and use it as a resource to help form individual ministry members.

Just wanted you to know of the value and emphasis we are placing on this beautiful resource! Thanks for allowing Him to work through you to impact the spiritual journey of so many Disciples.

Kathleen Whalen, Director of Ministry, Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church December 16, 2016

Parish Stewardship Newsletter

Build the best form of communication to increase stewardship engagement. This yearly renewable program includes coaching your newsletter staff, layout meetings, unique LPi content from Tracy Earl Welliver and Leisa Anslinger, plus all printing, addressing, and sending of four quarterly newsletters.

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Tracy Earl Welliver

Director of Parish Community & Engagement for LPi

Tracy oversees LPi’s stewardship coaching and catechesis in parishes and dioceses worldwide. He holds a BA in theology from DeSales University, an MTS from Duke Divinity School, and has experience as a Catholic speaker, author, engagement coach, and Gallup-trained strengths coach. In addition, he serves on the Board of Directors for the International Catholic Stewardship Council, a body that awarded St. Pius X Catholic Church in Greensboro, North Carolina, the parish where Tracy served as Pastoral Associate for twenty-two years, the Archbishop Murphy Award for stewardship excellence.

As an author, Tracy has written Everyday Stewardship: Reflections for the Journey and Everyday Stewardship ADVENT: Reflections for the 2016 Season. Throughout the year, he also writes weekly reflections shared in many publications and social media outlets across North America, and posts articles on

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The Main Thing

This blog is meant to reflect an Everyday Stewardship mentality, a mature discipleship spirituality, and a joy of life philosophy, where the good news of Jesus Christ is always THE MAIN THING. You are invited to join Tracy Earl Welliver and friends in a blogging journey to make the main thing, THE MAIN THING!