This position has been filled. However, feel free to check out the page below if you'd like.

Hi there! We're hiring a new web designer at LPi. Think you'd be a good fit?

We realize job searches can be hard for web designers, especially when reading over these two common want-ads:

The master of all trades

master of all trades

"We are looking for a designer that specializes in all of the Adobe products ever made… ever. You must have extreme expertise in CSS, HTML, Javascript, coding, UI/UX, B2B, IEEE, HIPAA, LMAO."

The way-too-excited-guy

way too excited guy

"Are you a super judo king master of rockstar arts, like blowing people's minds with websites? Do you live, eat, breathe, dream, and even make music out of HTML and CSS? Come work for us! WE WEAR FLIP FLOPS TO WORK."

Since you've read this far and you're smiling, you already passed round 1 of the interview process!

Let me give you a break—and just share an honest want-ad. If this job sounds interesting, apply at the bottom. Feel free to send résumés, links to portfolios, and any "worst want-ad" examples you've come across.

the position

The Position

A good web designer has a keen eye for design and detail, and can back it up with HTML and CSS. (+2 bonus points for some Javascript knowledge, -10 points for listing experience with Front Page.) He or she completely grasps that great web design is an art form focused on enhancing the user experience. The importance of creating mock-ups and wireframes to demonstrate a site's flow is also understood.


The Team

As the next Web Designer at LPi, you'll join a team of 1 other designer and 3 programmers. Over time, you'll work less under the direct guidance of the senior web designer and take on more independent tasks. The team of developers is like none other—they actually look forward to working with designers to compliment the products they are programming.


The Manager

The web team reports to the Web Development Manager who has more than a decade of programming and open source development under his belt. He is a published author and experienced mentor. You can count on him to understand the importance of good design, while simultaneously challenging you to grow and become even better.

The Perks

{ because I know you were scanning for it }


Continual learning is prized: we'll send you to an all expenses paid web conference every year.


Get a new Mac: or any other computer platform that you need to create your designs with.


Atmosphere: business casual dress, foosball table, lots of windows, fun—but goal driven.

About our company

Liturgical Publications Inc. is an industry leader in providing communication tools for church customers.

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LPi publishes bulletins and newsletters and provides communication tools for churches and organizations throughout the United States.

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In addition, LPi also provides internet services such as a church supporter online directory, custom website builder, online donation platform, and a graphic asset management website.

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