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March 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

Spring Has Sprung We all know that Christmas is a big shopping season but did you know that spring runs a close second?

Easter, Mother's Day, Passover, first Communion, graduation, confirmation! Is your business prepared?

Is your bulletin ad fresh? If not, use one of your four ad changes per year included in your sponsorship agreement to spruce it up (the contact information for your local office can be found in the right column).

Is your Seek And Find page up-to-date? You don't know how? Attend an upcoming webinar--the webinar and your Seek And Find page are already included in the cost of your ad. Look to the right for upcoming sessions.

Your sponsorship of the publication for %%Church Or Org Name%% is very important because it helps them get their message to their members. Make sure you take full advantage of everything you pay for with that sponsorship by updating your ad four times per year and sprucing up your Seek And Page for spring--and the seasons to come!


Is Your About Us Page Effective?

Seek And Find increases your online presence "For a small B2B business, the second most important page on its website after its homepage is probably its 'About Us' page."

So writes Kevin Levi for MarketingProfs. Levi goes on to give four keys to crafting an effective About Us page, as well as four steps to measure its effectiveness (you can find the full article here).

This advice is not only useful for your own website, but also your listing page on SeekAndFind.com. You already have a Seek And Find listing, included in your advertising agreement at no charge, and you'll find that the Description section, just below the map, offers a great location to place your About Us statement. This is essentially your mission statement: what do you do that others can't, and how do you do it?

So take a few minutes and see if yours measures up! And for help editing your Description on Seek And Find, check out this article from the Seek And Find FIVE archives.


40 years of Connections


40th LPi logoWe've been doing this since gas was 36 cents a gallon!

LPi is celebrating 40 years of connecting churches, synagogues, and senior centers with local businesses who know how important community is. All year we've be asking you to share your history with us--and the communities you support--by telling us stories about that support. This month's story comes from Kelly Regan of Premier Banks. Kelly states:

"We at Premier Banks have a longstanding relationship with Liturgical Publications. We feel strongly about supporting our local Parishes and LPi is a great opportunity to do that in a centralized manner. In addition, LPi is a fine venue to reach out to potential clients; especially to engage people that share common values of integrity and faithful service. LPi can expand or fortify a match made in heaven! Julie Derzay has handled our account over the years. She goes out of her way to make sure that all our parishes are on the same billing cycle, and makes a concerted effort to assure that the ad copy is correct in all of our parishes. This attention to detail makes our life easier. Congratulations on your 40 years of service, we are grateful for your valued partnership!"

As a thank you for sharing her story, Kelly receives a $100 gift card, and Julie Derzay also receives a $100 gift card for providing LPi's industry-leading customer service! We're not done yet, though--we want to hear your stories too! Send us your story before April 30 and let us know: why do you advertise in a bulletin, newsletter, or directory and how has it contributed to your success?

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  • Tweet it to @4LPi using the hashtag #40LPi

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