An Invitation from the Ultimate Host

August 15, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver


We can easily feel obligated to attend a party, wedding, or other event that we find ourselves invited to as a guest. If we want to go, then we get dressed up and rush off with anticipation of fun and good times with friends. If we dread going, we get ourselves together slowly and arrive late, hoping that the event will not be so long and we can then get on with the rest of our day. The difference in our feelings may have to do with many aspects: the host, the attendees, the reason for celebration, or even the venue. Either way, the invitation has been given to us because someone feels that our presence would make a positive difference. Our response is entirely our own. We decide how we will answer the invitation.

Every Sunday, every day in fact, you and I have received an invitation to a banquet more celebratory and grander than any wedding or birthday party. The host is actually Jesus Christ himself, and he has prepared a feast that promises to satisfy. He has prepared for this event by giving all he has to give.

No host has ever been more gracious. His hope is that you will be happy to attend for your presence does make a tremendous difference. Would he invite you if attending made no difference at all? Will you RSVP with a sense of joy and anticipation? If this is just another invite that obligates you and you approach the event with indifference, the host wonders if you really comprehend what he went through to make this meal possible. He also wonders if you really understand what is truly being celebrated.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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