5 Reasons Your App & Website Need to Work Together

March 21, 2019  •   Anna Carter

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The alarm clock rings. An arm swings out to hit snooze. Rather than groggily roll over to catch a few extra “z’s,” 40% of Americans reach for their smartphone. They’re checking text messages, the weather, the news, social media … in short, they’re checking apps. Smartphones provide constant connection, and apps are the vehicles to stay updated.

Not convinced? Here are some fast facts about smartphone usage:

Having a smartphone app for your parish can increase efficiency and engagement and provide catechesis and connection to parishioners. If you don’t have one yet, here are some reasons to revisit that conversation. As with any tech tool, apps are only as good as their updates. When your parish app is synced with your parish website, you can provide accurate information and dynamic engagement for your parishioners.

1. Integration Extends Invitations

Your parish website can post events, and your giving platform should allow for event registration. These are important to update and synchronize! But how will parishioners hear about things in the first place? An integrated parish app allows for personal event invitations to be pushed out to members of your parish.

2. Integration Engages More Donors

Your parish likely has online giving, offering incredible convenience to your parishioners. According to a 2016 study of church leaders, a staggering 49% preferred to give directly on a mobile app. This means a parish app that can connect to your website and your parish giving platform maximizes opportunities for fiscal stewardship.

3. Integration Doesn’t Forget Print

Your parish bulletin includes information that may not appear elsewhere. This could include Mass intentions, pastor reflections, and art themed to the Sunday Gospel. An integrated parish app can deliver web-uploaded bulletins digitally to your parishioners’ smartphones! No digging through the web browser to locate what they forget to pick up as they walked out the door. All the week’s information is at their fingertips.

4. Integration Helps Parishioners Connect with You

Your vibrant parish is a living family, a dynamic participant in the Body of Christ. As people take on new responsibilities, it’s important to make sure your parishioners know who to contact for their particular needs. Practically speaking, we know that change happens. Employees shift roles. Priests assigned as associates may only stay a few years. Volunteer ministry chairpersons will change. Your website, which is outward-facing, is important to update, just as important as your inward-facing parishioner communications.

5. Integration Is Working Smarter

Few parishes have designated tech specialists or web designers. Typically, the employee updating digital communications has plenty on their plate. When your website and parish app are synchronized, all it takes is one entry to have information update in both places. Streamline the process and free your staff to engage and evangelize!

What are you waiting for? Is your parish app integrated yet?



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