Bring Your Bulletin to Life with Color

July 7, 2016  •  

Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, recently took advantage of the latest print technology offered by LPi and upgraded its entire bulletin to full color, transforming it into a beautiful, vibrant communications tool for the parish.

First, you need to know that LPi did not create this awesome bulletin transformation—the parish did. But you will never believe who on the parish staff created this engaging new design. It was Joe Kallenberger, Director of Administrative Services for the church.

Joe started with a strong overall color palette and organized their content into different color blocks. With the use of such vibrant colors, the white space stands out in greater contrast and improves the visual flow for the reader.

Here are a few changes that make this bulletin really stand out:

Original Bulletin Cover
  • The limited color palette makes it difficult to highlight the most important content, even with an effective use of white space.

Original Bulletin












Redesigned Bulletin Cover
  • Moved the mission statement closer to the parish branding.
  • Easy to find Contact section.
  • Strong focus on the Eucharist.

Redesigned Bulletin












Original Pages 2 & 3

Our Lad of Lourdes_Before Color-2   Our Lady of Lourdes_Before Color-3


Redesigned Pages 2 & 3
  • Vibrant colors on the cover and throughout the bulletin separate information and provide overall visual appeal and organization.
  • Each week a parish member writes an engaging column called Virtue of the Week.
  • New calendar treatment anchors both pages and highlights upcoming parish happenings.

Redesigned Page 2    Redesigned Page 3


Original Pages 4 & 5

Our Lady of Lourdes_Before Color-4     Our Lady of Lourdes_Before Color-5


Redesigned Pages 4 & 5
  • Black Headers with reversed type make it easy to find information throughout the bulletin.
  • Inspirational QuotesEveryday StewardshipMessage for the Week, and Authentic Worship transform the bulletin into an active evangelization tool.

Redesigned Page 4   Redesigned Page 5


We love that Our Lady of Lourdes uses its weekly bulletin less for dates and times and more for communicating the good news of Jesus Christ. To see the parish’s most recent color bulletins online visit its website at

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