Connect! Sunday Reflections

Hope and Healing

Here Is Your God; He Comes With Vindication

No doubt, the healing of victims and the healing of our Church will likewise be a long, messy process. When it is all over, we may very well be a smaller, poorer, and weaker Church — just the kind of Church Jesus can use to evangelize the culture.

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Rise Above

Wings to Fly

Our souls have the tendency to serve themselves, rather than God. Jesus tells us that like a bird whose wings are tied, there is something within my soul that prevents it from flight. What is it?

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stay the course

Will I Stay or Go?

The world, our country, needs to hear the Gospel. Are you going to stay the course with Jesus and preach it or return home?

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Dine At the Table of Wisdom

Wisdom’s Table: Heavenly Banquet or Soundbite Drive-Thru?

Like preparing a good meal, true wisdom takes expertise and personal investment. We are invited to dine at the table of wisdom in the Eucharist and in our daily prayer. Will you take your seat at the table?

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come eat the living bread

The Faith of a Child

Jesus calls us to have childlike faith, fully believing that he is the Bread of Life. We’re called to live transparently a life in Christ, even if those we have looked up to do not.

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A Longing for Fulfillment

Only God can truly provide the nourishment and fulfillment that will bring us lasting peace and joy and that will satisfy our deeply rooted needs and desires.

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A Savior Rather Than a King

Earthly kings rule over lands by coercion, threatening force against all who would disobey them. Jesus, however, rules over the human heart through love.

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“Come Away…”

Vacations are times in our lives when many memories are made. But for so many of us, vacations leave us more exhausted than before we left. Why is that?

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Moved by the Holy Spirit

The Gospel clearly speaks of this same reality. Jesus beckons his disciples to a life that will be richer than anything they are leaving behind.

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Renew Our Faith

The Courage to Proclaim

The hope of the Christian message — once an inspiration to the world over — is increasingly viewed with doubt and suspicion.

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Who Am I … Really?

Jesus can touch us and heal us from ourselves, but we are often our biggest enemy. He wants to heal us from our misconceptions about who we are and where we are headed.

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CSR - God is Present

Lift Your Voices for Justice

As we confront the realities of suffering and exploitation that fill the news and our social feeds, we’re reminded that we must seek out God’s justice.

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