Everyday Stewardship Reflections


What is God Waiting For?

There will always be challenges in our lives and in the world. When life is messy it is easy to ask “What is God waiting for?” Maybe we should not question God on his ability to save us from our problems. What if we embraced challenges as another opportunity to let go and trust in […]

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Everyday Stewardship

When I was around the age of six, my good friend Max moved away. I had known him for fewer than two years, but I was so fond of him that his moving away really hurt. I was living in Northern Virginia and he was moving to Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh might as well have been in […]

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Everyday Stewardship: Ascension 2015

There is a great need in our current world for more Jesus sightings. You used to hear about Elvis sightings from time to time, but we do not need sightings of the King of Rock n Roll. We need sightings of the King of Kings. Click here to read the full post

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Everyday Stewardship: Sixth Sunday of Easter 2015

Do you remember being a child and deciding on captains to choose sides for a game of kickball, soccer, or other sport requiring little more than a ball? Kids sat on a curb, waiting to hear their fate. “Surely, I will not be picked last,” each boy or girl thought. But alas, someone always had […]

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Pope Francis

Surprised By God

Since 2013, Pope Francis has captivated the world with his remarkable display of discipleship.  And just when we think we’ve got him figured out, he surprises us again!  “Let us allow ourselves to be surprised by God,” were his words to the students at Santo Tomàs University in Manila, Philippines during his January pastoral visit […]

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Family Time

People say your kids are grown up and out of the house before you know it.  Some say it’s like the blink of an eye.  In some ways that is true, although any parent can agree that some years seem longer than others!  (Some of those teen years can seem really long!) But the point […]

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Unleashing Catholic Generosity

This is the first of 3 documents from The Notre Dame Institute for Church Life that provide important information for shaping the message of what we are offering in a Sustainable Offertory Campaign.  A quote from the first document: “Our results suggest that the American Catholic giving gap is, in part, a direct result of […]

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Everyday Stewardship: Fifth Sunday of Easter 2015

In The Life of a Christian Steward: A Reflection on the Logic of Commitment, published by the International Catholic Stewardship Council, one reads, “To be most effective in service to God and humankind, Christian stewardship must stem from the liturgical worship in the Church. Here one finds the supernatural motive, the word of faith, and […]

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The next Avengers movie is almost here and superheroes in film and on TV seem to be taking over.  As a person who sometimes still feels like a little kid at heart, I personally love it. I was thinking there are people I encounter everyday that fit this description.  These people bear much resemblance to superheroes. Each […]

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Star Wars

Everyday Stewardship: Fourth Sunday of Easter 2015

Many will look at you and listen to what you have to say and actually wonder why you don’t wake up and conform to the world. It is not easy when you find yourself in the situation that you are the only intentional disciple in your neighborhood, at work, or even in your family. Click […]

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Good Shepherd

Shepherding Is Not Peaceful

Psalm 23 has always seemed to me to be the peaceful psalm. Its reading consoles those who are troubled. It gives hope to people who are downtrodden. It eases the grief of those who have lost a loved one. The statement that shepherding is anything but peaceful gave me reason to pause. Click here to read […]

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St. Joseph

God Don’t Make Junk

I believe that we must pray about what our gifts are from God and that we be guided by the Holy Spirit in how we use them. THAT is what will make us extraordinary! God would not make anything ordinary. Click here to read the full post

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