Everyday Stewardship Reflections

Going the Extra Mile

So often in life, people are concerned about the minimum requirements. What is the minimum I must do to get a certain grade? What is the minimum I need to do to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation? What exactly do I have to do to make my boss happy?

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Don’t Live a Lie

Even if we feel that we have lied to no one, we may have lied to ourselves. We portray ourselves as generous, thankful, and loving people, yet fail to answer God’s call in a situation because we perceive the cost to be too great.

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What’s the Buzz?

You may not be an entrepreneur with your own business, but you do have your parish. This is your community and how you act in the world around you will either add to a buzz or a lack of interest. Can your light shine brightly to be seen from miles around?

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Healing Our Blindness

Stewardship living is difficult unless we are experiencing that way of life for ourselves. You can to church every Sunday, but unless you are actively growing in faith and trying to live a life of generous stewardship, you cannot see the power of such a lifestyle.

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Drop Your Nets and Be Free

When Jesus came along and asked some fishermen to drop their nets and follow him, they did just that. Wow! In some ways, they experienced true freedom. That is what Jesus offers all of us. Yet, true freedom looks quite different than my dream scenario.

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Woman looking over ocean and mountain landscape

Play That One Again

We never have any idea what God will call us to do and where to go. Sometimes the request can ask us for quite a lot. Hopefully, we respond like a mature disciple. If not, maybe we should reflect more the next time this song is played.

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Man drinking from mug in spiritual reflection

Lessons from Baptizing a Frog

We cannot get baptized again in the Jordan or Sea of Galilee because of romantic notions, or come into the Catholic Church by a second baptism so we can start all over. Our baptism, whether we can remember it or not, is a one-time deal.

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Mother and daughter holding ornaments

Penances and Prayers

If we are to truly echo the kingdom of God in our lives and actions, what we ultimately offer to him is no less than our entire selves. This baby will give his entire self for us, and his work must continue through our hands and feet.

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Food pantry giving soup to empty bowl

The Disruption of the Incarnation

One December, my oldest son informed us that he would be getting up early on Christmas to serve breakfast to homeless people at a nearby shelter. We’re a good Christian family, but we never before had that tradition. My son had thrown a wrench into our plans.

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Mother holding her baby lovingly

Afraid, Yet Never Alone

When we try to tackle life alone, we can find ourselves in a very lonely position. Just like Jesus’ parents, we need God to assist us and provide us with the strength for what lies ahead. Every parent needs God to become more than they can be on their own.

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Two women hugging in friendship

Leading the Way

You and I can either lead people to Jesus by our words and actions, or we can lead them away from him. Our actions and words bear witness to the power of Jesus. Our actions and words bear witness to the transformative power of Jesus Christ.

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Two parents playing with children at the beach

Jesus Is Headed Your Way

Reminders of our mortality find their way into life. A car accident or a health scare can cause us to reflect on where we are in our relationship with God. Without those moments, we find ourselves living daily without a mindfulness of where God is.

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