Christ Calls Us to Share

June 29, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver


As the baptized, we are called into community, and we are strongest when all members have full faith in Jesus Christ. When one of us falters or begins to doubt his or her faith, that is when our faith is to be shared freely as a source of strength. If we hold our faith inside, then those around us will miss a chance to be edified and strengthened by our witness.

We can give freely of our money, our time, and our talents but still not share our faith with those around us. This hinders the Body of Christ’s ability to evangelize and spread the Good News. It also helps to keep members of that Body weak, because without the chance to hear our stories of faith, those with the need to hear can remain discouraged and lost.

Faith is a gift from God to us, just like any other. We are called to cultivate our faith and grow it into abundance. If we do not share it with others, then why grow it at all? We are not saved because we have more faith than someone else. We are no better off with storage bins filled with knowledge, devotion, and faith experience than a baby on its day of baptism. The difference between the baby and us is that we have something now to share and the responsibility to do so.

-Tracy Earl Welliver

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