Evangelize Your Parish In All Your Communications

June 24, 2015  •   LPi

St. John Vianney Catholic Parish is a welcoming Catholic faith community with a dedication to lifelong faith formation of its parishioners. It has numerous ministries, an active school and parish community, as well asan engaging website. The goal of this makeover was to help the parish fully utilize the power of its weekly print bulletin to proclaim the Gospel of Christ.


Original and Redesigned Bulletin

Using the entire space for staff information prevented the parish from using its bulletin cover for the faith formation of its parishioners. The solid block of color with white type reversed out was hard to read. Moving this information to pages 2-3 opened up space to feature the church photo from its website home page and to highlight the weekend’s Gospel reading. The parish mission statement was hidden away on page 7; now featured on the cover each week, it will get more attention.

Highlights from the makeover of the interior pages

Colors drawn from the parish website tie it to the bulletin, photos and graphics make the pages pop, and background images and shading separate articles without harsh lines.

Interior Pages

Original bulletin

Mostly colorless and unformatted, these inside bulletin pages don’t use the white space effectively and leave large gaps between items.

Original Bulletin

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