Faith is a “Constant” Gift

July 19, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Father reading with daughter in grass

As I get older, what really matters to me changes. I remember being in high school and having to wear certain brands and to look a certain way. Now, many days I simply wear what is clean! I used to collect certain things that I no longer seem to care about much now. I wanted certain things for my children, and now I am happy if they are happy, regardless of what happens. I have changed political stances a few times. I even follow different sports teams today than I did when I was younger. Time, circumstance, wisdom, and even disillusionment all play a part in my ever-changing attitude toward what really matters in life.

All has changed except my faith. My faith is the one constant in my life. It is the most precious of all the gifts God has given to me. Life hasn’t been a constant high, and there have been several low valleys along the way. It has been my faith that has seen me through all times, good and bad. If anything has changed, it is that Jesus matters more today than he did yesterday.

What really matters to you? What’s the main thing in your life? I have witnessed once-strong disciples place politics, wealth, career, and family ahead of Jesus over time. All those things are enticing, but they are things that change. Even your family grows and changes as the years go by, as does your relationship with them. The one thing that does not change is God. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. It can bring great peace to your life when what matters to you is the one thing that remains constant. The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing. That main thing is Jesus.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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