He Always Provides

July 27, 2018  •   Tracy Earl Welliver


You sit down at a restaurant and order drinks and an appetizer. Then you order an entrée with a salad. When all of that has been consumed, you order a dessert. You leave after having had a good time, but your pants don’t fit so well now. You are so full you regret ordering all those courses. Your eyes were bigger than your stomach. You ordered what you wanted and not what you needed.

In our daily lives, we find ourselves wanting many things. We desire outcomes and good fortunes that we think will make all the difference. However, oftentimes when we receive these things, we only find ourselves wanting more. Worse yet, if we do not get them, we can see our lives as incomplete.

God always provides what we need. It may not be what we want. Our eyes can deceive us into believing that what we receive is not enough to fulfill us. If we trust in God and seek to only live with what sustains us rather than dive into excess, we will find that we are happier, healthier, and at peace. No one should ever make himself or herself feel overcome by too much of anything. God knows what we need even if we cannot see it for ourselves.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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