He Will Never Let You Fall

February 5, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

Have you ever participated in various trust exercises, where you have to place your faith in others around you? Maybe it was falling backwards with your eyes closed while the person’s voice speaking to you seemed to drift further away. Maybe it was jumping from a height into people’s arms that didn’t seem strong enough to catch you. These activities were supposed to show you the meaning of trust and help grow that trust in you for your comrades. Sometimes it worked. Other times, some prankster would actually let you fall, and then you learned to trust no one. So much for building up our ability to trust.

Trust is important, especially in our relationship with Jesus. He calls us all the time and asks for us to trust. However, because of doubt or a desire to follow our own will, we choose to disregard his request. After objecting to Jesus’ request to lower his net into the water, Peter was humbled when he caught so much fish that the net began to tear. Peter was a fisherman by trade. Surely he knew what the catch was probably going to be that day. But Jesus asked him to follow his will. Peter wanted to follow his own. Peter realized that his trust from then on should be in the Lord.

Do you sometimes think your generosity will bear little fruit? Do you wonder if your surrender to God in stewardship living really amounts to much at all? Trust in Jesus, the one who calls you to this life. His word is truth, and he would never let you fall.

-Tracy Earl Welliver, MTS

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