Jesus Falls the Second Time

March 26, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Seventh Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 7

Jesus must have hit the ground much harder the second time he fell. His bodily strength was quickly becoming depleted, and the pain of his joints must have been severe. However, once again he got back up and continued on his way.

We know from the accounts in the Garden before his arrest that Jesus was afraid and asked God to remove this task from him. What person could ever blame him? But this did not change his commitment to the plan set before him.

When God calls us, sometimes we are fearful of the future or the struggle ahead. We may wish there was another way. We may be destined to fall frequently on our journey, but our strength of character and our maturity as a disciple is measured by our commitment. To be committed to God means being committed to carrying on even when the journey is most difficult.



Lord Jesus Christ,
help me be more committed to you.
May the desire to follow my own will decrease
as the yearning for your will increases.
Lift me up when I fall and set my feet on the correct path.
Be my guide and continually lead me to you.



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