Jesus Falls the Third and Final Time

April 2, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Ninth Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 9

Jesus’ body could finally take no more, and it gave out on him. For the last time, he fell to the ground, this time unable to get up. He would meet his death in just a short while upon a cross.

We can choose to look upon the Lord’s beaten and torn body, soon to be pierced for all eternity, and shudder in horror and sorrow. Or we can look upon these scars and wounds as a thing of beauty, for they are clear and visible signs of love and sacrifice. Much of the world will never understand the value of true sacrifice. They, like those at the time, will ask why he did not make it stop and why he did not save himself. But if we look with the eyes of faith, we will see something quite different. We will indeed tremble, for this broken body is perhaps the most beautiful sign of love the world has ever seen. To tremble in the presence of true love is always more profound than to tremble in the face of fear.



Lord Jesus Christ,
you fell on the ground unable to rise.
When I feel unable to pick myself up and journey on,
be the source of my strength.
Help me to understand more clearly
the beauty of the cross and the value of your sacrifice.
May I never take for granted the suffering you endured for me.
May I always bear witness to the truth,
no matter what obstacles I find in my way.



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