Jesus Is Stripped of His Clothes

April 5, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Tenth Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 10

The world can take many things from us: our wealth, our family, and our home. Our dignity is often the last thing we are able to hold onto. But imagine being publicly ridiculed and cursed and being beaten until you cannot physically defend yourself any longer. Then finally, you are stripped of your clothes, and you stand before the world naked. It is amazing how cruel humans can be.

Jesus experienced all this and more. Those who sought to break him looked upon him standing there as a failure and a disgrace. We look upon him and see our God.

What has ever happened to you that Jesus cannot understand? What pain can you ever feel that he has not felt? Who is this God we follow and call Lord? It is the God who cared enough for us that He dared become like us in all things, even unto suffering and death. When your back is up against the wall, and you feel there is no way out, Jesus is there. When you are naked before the world and your dignity seems lost, put on Christ. His righteousness is more beautiful than any fashion of any age.



Lord Jesus Christ,
the world you came to save offered you ridicule and pain.
At times, I feel like the outsider in the world
you created for me.
Be by my side and comfort me always.
Rather than be stripped of all things from this world,
give me the strength to give it all away.
Help me to see that your love and grace are enough for me.



Visit a local care center to learn more about those with special needs, and ask how you can help.

Help guide your parishioners on their Lenten Journey with our additional Way of the Cross resources.

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