Jesus Meets His Mother

March 15, 2019  •   Tracy Earl Welliver

The Fourth Station of the Cross
Lent Challenge 4

How does a mother find the courage and strength to watch her child suffer and then be executed? Why should a mother ever be asked to do such a thing?

Our Lady was there throughout her son’s turmoil. They comforted each other the best they could on that road to Golgotha. It is hard to imagine the pain in her eyes seeing her only son in such distress. It is also hard to imagine the look on Jesus’ face when he saw his mother.

To give completely like a mother gives to her children is a profound gesture. Our Lady gave her entire self, even if it meant suffering unimaginable pain. Sometimes we are called to give until it hurts. But if we are to follow the example of Mary, we will respond regardless of the cost. And when we choose to give of ourselves so completely, Our Lady is there to console us and assist us on our journey.



Mary, Mother of God,
pray for me that I may have the strength to answer
God’s call like you.
May your consolation and care for me,
just like the love you had for your son,
be a source of strength in my daily journey with him.
Pray for me to be committed to Jesus like you were.



Remember the forgotten by volunteering at a local nursing home or hospital. Even simply visiting with those there will be greatly appreciated.


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