LPi Ushers in New Era of Technology Built for the Catholic Church

August 8, 2018  •   LPi

WeGather - a New Era of Parish Technology

WeGather Leverages the Power of Member Census Data for Mission Engagement

LPi has launched WeGather, a cloud-based parish community builder integrated with a robust church member management system designed to empower Catholic leaders in ministry. Designed to help parishes better communicate with their parishioners and visitors to their communities, while efficiently maintaining their parish member census data, WeGather helps parish staff and lay leaders to engage people where they are at in their relationship with the parish community, so they can better connect, grow, and disciple them beyond weekend Mass.

“In the Church, we have to be responsible leaders who cultivate a rich soil in which current and future intentional disciples can plant their gifts and see them grow,” says Tracy Earl Welliver, LPi’s Director of Parish Community & Engagement. “WeGather not only assists us in doing that, it helps us bring those who seek a closer relationship with Christ and His Church an opportunity to mature in faith and take ownership of that which is already rightfully theirs.”

Today the average parish inefficiently tracks valuable parishioner data with multiple spreadsheets, hand-scribbled notes, and personal conversations. With the fully integrated, multi-lingual, cloud-based technology of WeGather, parishes can accurately capture their data, allowing staff to make smarter ministry decisions. WeGather provides a single source for communication, member management, sacrament records, facilities management, religious education website management, online community news and events, volunteer opportunities, ministry group management, email and text communications, online and offline donations, and more.

When parish leaders can access member data from a single source of truth, it helps them gather people intentionally, in a way that maximizes the church’s disciple-making capabilities. Parish life is in constant motion. Visitors come and go. Ministries thrive or flounder. Donations ebb and flow. Behind each of these movements are hundreds, even thousands, of data points. And behind each data point is a story. Knowing parishioners’ needs, interests, and current situations is essential to engaging them more fully in parish life.

To protect that important data, LPi built WeGather on Salesforce, the world’s #1 Customer Relationship Management System trusted by over 150,000 companies and non-profits worldwide. With the security of this powerful platform, parish data is secured according to the highest level of compliance standards.

“At their core, existing Church Management Systems miss their core purpose. Managing church isn’t what they need to do, but rather the goal needs to be engaging its parishioners. Uber and Lyft haven’t been successful by managing drivers … they’ve been successful by empowering them and connecting them with riders,” says LPi President Joe Luedtke. “With LPi’s WeGather built on the Salesforce.com platform, churches and ministry leaders can engage their members directly where they’re increasingly spending more of their time … online. As they engage online, the data that churches do need to manage their operation is collected directly from the parishioners themselves. WeGather is a platform for parishioner engagement in the 21st century.”

For nearly five decades, LPi has helped thousands of Catholic parishes across the country intentionally communicate with their parishioners, grow their engagement, and advance a stewardship way of life. The technology of WeGather offers parishes a way to better serve the emerging needs of the Catholic Church in the modern world.

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