New Ways to Utilize Your Online Giving Platform for Events

January 21, 2021  •   LPi

Bowel of spaghetti

The effects of COVID-19 are far from over. However, that doesn’t mean your usual church events have to be. This year, your church will need to find new ways to raise money and build community in a virtual setting. From local mom and pop stores to multi-chain businesses, take a cue from what others are doing to remain open and relevant.

Don’t Cancel the Spaghetti Dinner

A lot of parishes hold monthly fundraising dinners in order to bring in extra funds for ministry. But just because restrictions are still in place to keep COVID-19 at bay, doesn’t mean that you need to cancel that spaghetti dinner.

Today, restaurants are continuing their services by offering curbside carry-outs and no-contact deliveries. Use your online giving platform to create a form for each dinner that includes a list of times people can choose to pick-up their food. The online order form will not only allow let them place the order, but to easily pay for it as well, so there is no need for money to be exchanged.

Bring Your Program to New (Virtual) Heights

So many churches depend on parish missions to keep their congregations feeling renewed and energized. Unfortunately, social distancing guidelines make it nearly impossible to hold them physically indoors. And while virtual is always an option, it’s hard to feel a connection with fellow members when you’re just an icon on a screen. However, Zoom, the video conferencing platform that has now turned into a verb, can help you maintain that small group feeling within a large group setting.

With Zoom, you have the option to utilize break-out sessions. Start with a main program, break-off into small groups for a quick discussion, and then end it with prayer. If you need to share the cost of the program with participants, you can use your online giving platform to take payments and offer electronic tickets, if needed.

Keep Your Annual Fundraiser

So many churches use fundraising events not only to raise money, but also to build a community with members. A fun night of bidding on items and competing for upcoming excursions is a great way to get parishioners together. But how do you keep the tradition going when it’s not safe to be together? Easy — you bid on items in a virtual setting.

Create an events page using your online giving platform, complete with date, time, and cost of entry. Once purchased, an email notification can be sent to participants with more details about the virtual auction.

Two platforms to consider are 32Auctions and OneCause. Go about gathering your items as usual, set it up using some compelling images and then give members some fun ideas to complete the night, such as having drinks and appetizers on hand to enjoy as they browse, or hosting an accompanying Zoom “party” at the same time.

It’s true that our usual fundraising events need to shift a bit as we navigate this terrible pandemic, but the end goal remains the same. Get together, raise money for essential ministries, and have fun doing it.

Let LPi not only help you maintain your vibrant parish, but make it thrive! Learn more about online giving with WeShare.

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