Two pairs of hands holding paper heart together

Reach Out in Love

Our generosity and our giving of very selves back to God need to bear witness to the transforming power of Jesus. If we truly love another, we will offer them the example of how we love God even more than them. This is the “why” of our stewardship.

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Bulletin and Printing Services

LPi Expands Church Family by Acquiring Catholic Printery

LPi is excited to announce the acquisition of Catholic Printery, a 35-year-old bulletin printing company headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The decision to acquire Catholic Printery came as a result of the retirement of Kieth Sterling, president of Catholic Printery.

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Alphabet letters scattered on table

Naming Your Parish Ministries

If you decide to get creative with ministry names, make it easy for a new or prospective parishioner to understand who the group is for and what it does. The best options will be ones that show purpose without much explanation.

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Little girl offering apple to little boy

Give Graciously

I love the verse in Sirach where it says, “My child, conduct your affairs with humility, and you will be loved more than a giver of gifts.” This is an interesting concept for those of us who think a stewardship way of life is all about the giving of gifts. When we start to think that all we are called to do is give for the sake of giving, we have missed the point.

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Commit To Christ

Giving It All Up for God

True discipleship is not easy or nice. It is a call to live a life of contradiction, always ready to let go so we can receive. Life with Christ is beautiful and radical, but it’s not won without detachment. We have to be ready to give up what is of this earth, so that we are free to be open to what is of God.

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LPi Releases Updated WeShare Admin App

LPi has unveiled an update to its WeShare admin platform for current and future customers. This update boasts enhanced functionality, and provides new and efficient features to continue to make online giving an effortless process for all users.

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Laptop screen of church homepage with large 'Welcome' message

Creating a Welcoming Parish Website

Think of your website as the front porch of your parish. The goal is to make it as inviting as possible, so that others will be compelled to take that first step into your church. As with any website, you need a clear opening. For parishes, a welcoming message speaks to the heart.

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Humble Yourself

Your Place at the Table

God calls us to a humility where we understand that who we are and what we have is a blessing from Him. For the poor, crippled, and blind, humility is a natural byproduct of their position in life, so God favors them. Those who have been given more — and find themselves with greater status because of it — must cultivate even greater humility.

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Woman praying on Bible in prairie

Get to Know Jesus

However, no matter how much I write about my family and how much you read about them, you will only have a glimpse as to the real people. It will take an actual relationship with one of them to get you to the point where you can say you know them. That is the same way with Jesus.

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Paper accordion people hand-in-hand

How to Grow Your Parish Email List

There has never been a better time to grow your parishioner email list, but gathering them can be difficult. You need to be creative when it comes to asking for their email address. Following are four “outside the box” ideas to help you not only grow, but maintain, your email distribution list.

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Keep God in Focus

The Hard Road of Discipline

We are often distracted by our lesser desires and find ourselves off track and restless. But a person who lives a truly disciplined life is always able to put their wants and impulses in check and to do what is necessary to achieve the greater goal of union with God. This can only be accomplished by developing a habit of strong, centered, and focused prayer.

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Cheering crowd at sporting event

Set the Earth on Fire

If we are to be like Jesus, then we need to set the earth on fire. We need to be bold and proclaim the Good News without apology. By our actions of love and justice, we need to show the world that with the Body of Christ on earth, it is not business as usual.

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